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Fire damage claim



Fire damage claim



Fire damage claim



Fire Damage Claims

Anyone who watches a newscast in Broward county, from Weston to Fort Lauderdale, Miramar to Sunrise, or anywhere else in South Florida is aware of the losses created by fires. Losses that include property damage, bodily injury and deaths. Florida insurance companies pay out hundreds of millions of dollars each year for this devastating peril.

Homeowners, business owners and landowners all suffer from losses due to fire. We think of a fire risk in a home as the result of bad wiring, kitchen fires, chimney fires and dryer fires. We think of fire risk at a business as the result of bad wiring, office machine failure and lightning strikes. What we see on the news, however,  is wildfires. Out of hand wildfires can destroy thousands of acres of property and burn entire communities to the ground, leaving behind business and homeowner devastation. Fire risk is real in Florida; that’s why you have fire insurance. But when you try to submit a fire insurance claim, you may have to fight your insurance company for what you deserve. Our public adjusters can help you fight for your rights. We serve all of Broward County, especially (but only) Weston.

It is important to realize that even a small kitchen fire can create a large amount of damage. Unlike, smoke flows throughout a building penetrating almost any kind of structure causing hidden damage and odor. The deodorization, soot removal and smoke removal are key components of the post fire repair process. That tedious and expensive recovery shouldn’t be paid by the policyholder, the insurance company has to, if it is covered by the policy, put the property in the same condition it was before the fire damage, the smoke damage , and any kind of property damage created by fire, even if it is an insignificant fire originated in the room of the house used for food preparation and cooking, that left behind some burnt corners on the kitchen cabinets. You pay for your home or commercial property insurance. Consider using an independent insurance agent to help you get what you deserve.

The insurance industry in south Florida and nationally, as expected, has responded to these tremendous fire losses by changing the definition of “fire” in the policy and inserting exclusions. For example, an insurance company may reimburse for property that was burned by a fire but not necessarily property that was ruined by the fire’s smoke. Some will not pay for water damage created by the fire hose used to extinguish a fire even though the water prevented the fire from consuming the property. There are other issues that can leave the homeowner or business owner paying out of pocket. Limitations inserted for losses to antique property, art collections, jewelry and firearms are in most every policy. Old homes or buildings are often valued improperly due to the uniqueness of their construction. Whether your home or commercial property is based in Fort Lauderdale or out west of Fort Lauderdale (cities such as Sunrise, SouthWest Ranches, Plantation), our public adjusters can help.

To eliminate these surprises, understand what you are purchasing when it comes to property insurance. Ask the right questions and yes, read the policy.

If you suspect to have suffered property damaged by fire, do not delay! Contact now All Claims Solutions, the fire insurance claims experts that will work for you, not the insurance company, recovering maximum payouts for your property loss.

All Claims Solutions provides assistance on fire damage insurance claims in the try-county area of South Florida. Our public adjusters work hard to be the best independent insurance adjusters in Broward County.

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