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Water Damage

Water Damage Claims

In Ft Lauderdale Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and all around Florida, Before thinking about plumbing leaks, burst pipes, and water damage; most people think of home insurance claims, hurricanes, tornados, hailstorms and fire comes to mind. Actually water claims represent about 30% of claims filed nationally. So, what do we mean by water claims and how come they are so prevalent?

All homes, condos and buildings have water traveling to them (under pressure) and away from them (not under pressure). When the pipes or joints in the pipes fail, the result is almost always water damage. For example, a copper pipe behind the sheetrock in your home has a very tiny hole in it as the result of a sheetrock nail or screw piercing it. Although the water traveling through the pipe is under pressure, it may take months or even a year before you notice the damage it can cause. The very fine mist of water coming from the pipe eventually soaks the studs, wall, and the carpet on the floor. Now if this leaking pipe is in the very back of a walk-in closet stuffed with clothes, how long do you think it would take to notice the resulting damage? Water insurance claim!

Your Broward County Florida home receives water from a city water source and you depend on the continuity of that supply. Your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home also drains expended water through a sewer pipe that runs to a city sewer or septic tank depending upon where you live.In many cases these sewer water pipes are made from cast iron, tar paper or PVC.

The older 1950 homes were constructed with sewer pipes made from tar paper called Orangeburg pipes and will need to be replaced if discovered attached to your home. These pipes are especially susceptible to damage from tree roots. Whichever type of pipe that drains waste from your home, your homeowner’s insurance is not going to offer coverage for its repair or damages resulting from its failure but your insurance policy does cover all the items you need to break in your property to access that defective pipe. Almost all home plumbing issues can result in a homeowners water insurance claim.

The Florida homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide coverage for any underground pipe leakage or the resulting damage to your yard or home.

Only pipes located within the home structure are covered by the insurance policy and there are limits to that coverage as well. The good news is that a plumbing company will typically have the necessary equipment to inspect these underground pipes prior to a home purchase for a reasonable fee. The plumbing company uses modern camera technology to inspect the pipes for leakage or cracking due to tree roots or age. By spending a little money prior to purchase, the homebuyer will be able to detect if the sewer system is in good shape and whether a failure is expected in the short term.

As for the pipes providing the water source from the city or municipality in which you live, they are considered underground pipes and are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If the water main supplying your home ruptures or cracks, your only option would be to appeal to the city or municipality in which you live.

What about the hoses that are connected from your washing machine to the water supply that hasn’t been replaced in many years? You return from a 3 week vacation only to find the areas closed to the washing machine are flooded because this 12 year old hose finally failed or maybe a rat discovered a trickle of water and began chewing through the hose. Water claim!

You live in a downstairs condo or apartment and come home from work only to find your beautiful lush carpet completely soaked and most of your living room furniture soaked as well because your upstairs neighbor’s AC water pan is spilling over gallons of water or the toilet is leaking profusely down the wall and into your unit below. Water claim!

It goes without saying, where there is water, there is eventually going to be damage. Be aware. If you live in Ft lauderdale, Miami, Weston, or any other city of south florida and have suffer property damaged by water, call the water damage line for south florida, 1 855-305-claims (2524) or Ft lauderdale line 954-622-0088

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