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Storm Claims

Storm Damage Claims

If you live on the east coast or any coastal area for that matter, you have probably witnessed or have been directly affected by storm damage. In coastal areas, when we think of storms, we think of hurricanes, especially if you live in Florida. There are however, many types of storms to consider, and almost any area of the country can be affected.

Wind Damage

Wind damage to a home, structure, landscaping or infrastructure usually results from the high winds produced by hurricanes or sever rain and thunder storms. The resulting damage can be significant especially to older less secure structures. In northern states for example, homes and businesses are primarily wood-frame and more prone to suffer structural damage than in Florida where the structures are masonry. The five factors that determine the extent of storm damage are: wind speed, wind direction, wind duration, flying debris and the strength of the structure.

Hail Damage

For many home and business owners across the country, damage resulting from a hailstorm has become a fact of life. These storms seem to come out of nowhere and often sound like a train barreling through the neighborhood. Hail stones that have a diameter of .75 inches or greater (the size of a penny) can cause extensive damage to roof surfaces, gutters, siding, outside appliances and especially automobiles. There is really no way to prepare for a hailstorm except to have you vehicle garaged most of the time and make sure your shingles have not deteriorated.

Tornado Damage

Most tornado damage is the result of very high winds and flying debris. During a tornado a piece of wood becomes a missile which can penetrate a door, window or wood-frame structure. Tornados tend to come from nowhere and are probably feared more than any other storm as they arrive quickly without much warning. To reduce resulting damage, injury or even death, one needs to reinforce their home or business, designate a sound structural area to retreat to and never try to outrun the storm.

Tornados can easily cut a swath of devastation across a city, town or neighborhood leaving nothing but ruin in its path.

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