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Floor Damage

Floor Claims

The floors in your Florida home are susceptible to many different types of damage. Having the proper insurance coverage is crucial to making certain that the repairs for this damage are paid by your insurance company and not out of your pocket.

Pipe leaks

All homes have water pipes in the walls and many in the foundation. While the Florida homeowner insurance policy provides coverage for damage resulting from a bursting pipe, it is doubtful that your policy we respond to a slowly leaking pipe. If a water pipe (which is under pressure) in your wall develops a small leak that is unnoticeable in the back of your giant walk-in closet, and over time begins to soak your expensive carpet, the claims adjuster is more than likely going to deny this claim. If the same pipe were to burst and consequently soak your carpet, then the claim will most likely be paid.

Slab Cracks

Cracks in the slab beneath a home are very common and usually go unnoticed. However,if you’ve had several days of constant downpours or a hurricane has passed through the neighborhood,the water on the outside will usually find its way under the house and then up onto your expensive floors within the house. Some adjusters will try and pass this off as a manufacturer defect and deny the claim.

Damage from rain

If a hurricane or sever storm blows out the window in your home and as a result soaks the carpet or ruins the tile, your homeowner insurance will respond. However, if your windows are not sealed properly and the accumulation of rainwater soaks your carpet or ruins the tile, the claim will most likely be denied. Remember, sudden is covered, slow is not.


Ashes from your fireplace that ignite your carpet may result in the denial of a claim. You are responsible for having a screen on the fireplace and that is the lecture the adjuster will provide. If however, a fire that is ignited by a clothes dryer or electrical short burns up a portion of the carpet, your insurance company is going to pay for the carpet in that particular room.

Leaking Roof

Water damage from a leaking roof that is under good repair will be covered under your Florida insurance policy. Water damage from a leaking roof that has outlived its life expectancy will probably be denied. Once again, the homeowner is going to be held responsible for maintenance and replacement of an aged roof.

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