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Telling Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

Let us just say that, as Florida residents, we live in a gorgeous state. The weather is always nice and sunny, there are beaches everywhere, and the weather is perfect year-round. Florida is many people’s dreams and sees millions coming down every year to retire. One thing that people who do not live in Florida may not know is that Florida summers are home to hurricane season and a whole lot of rain. The days are not always like this; however, every summer seems to kick off with constant rain. You may say that’s not too bad and think that the worst thing to come from this is gross humid weather; although, the worst thing to come out of this rain is water damage to the home. Many people tend to think that water damage just occurs when plumbing mistakes happen, and while this is true. Water damage can come from hurricanes and bad storms too. The more important part when entering summer in Florida is knowing all of the signs of water damage, so you can protect your home.


. An Increase in Utility Bills


This sign is one that is more likely to come about if you have a plumbing issue causing your damage; however, it still can take a toll on your finances if gone unseen for a while. If you get your monthly utility bill and wonder why it looks higher than usual, you may want to look around your home and evaluate every plumbing line. In these cases you probably have a pipe leaking somewhere in your home. This is something that will cost you a lot of money in bills and damages until the source of the leak is found. A tactic we recommend using is turning off all of your fixtures and listening to see if you still hear any water running. This is a tactic we see many uses to help them locate the source. If you still have a difficult time tracking it down, we recommend calling a professional to do further digging to make sure you can locate the leak and file your claim.


. Humidity in Your Home


If it’s the middle of summer and you have your AC unit on 70 degrees yet you still feel a form of dampness in the air, you may have water damage. First things first, you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is running like usual and has no damages. Once you have made sure of this you can now decide to look around and see if there is any water damage to be found around the house. You must locate the water damage when you start to feel the air in your home shift from cool to humid. The reason being is that mold loves humid and damp air and spaces, making your home the perfect environment for it to grow. This will not only result in a whole lot of damages but is also horrible for you and your loved one’s health. Once you have found the source of the water damage we recommend doing a walk around to ensure that mold has not yet grown in your home. This way if it has, you can file a claim for that as well.


If your home has displayed any of the above signs in the past few days, weeks, or months, it’s time to do a home search for some water damage. Worst case scenario, you wasted time looking around for something that isn’t even an issue; however, the alternative to not looking and there being water damage is worse. At All Claims Solutions, we always tell someone that water damage is deceiving, it’s always worse than it looks. Making it so important to nip it in the bud as soon as you start to become suspicious it exists. This is also very important as mold is a common partner in crime with water, a direct threat to your home, and your health. If you have discovered water and/or mold damage in your home, it’s time to reach out to an insurance company you can trust. Give our team a call today at (855) 305-CLAIMS.