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Is Your Water Damage Claim in Miramar Getting Little or No Results?

Let’s face it—South Florida is a mecca for storms especially in the summer months. A major storm can produce all kinds of devastating scenarios for homeowners such as flooding, water rot, mildew, and mold growth. But water damage can also be caused by pipe leaks, bursts, appliance failure, roof damage, and more. With water damage the #1 insurance claim for most residential and business owners, it’s no wonder insurance companies are so slow to respond when there are so many individuals that need help. The truth is, that if you have water damage on your walls and floors, you’ll need to clean it up quickly since mold tends to set in after 48 hours. So, when time is of the essence and you don’t have the money yet from the insurance company to make the necessary repairs—what’s a homeowner to do? Luckily, there are options for those who have been victims of water damage. The process can be made easier with the help of the exceptional team of public adjusters at All Claims Solutions. Our team has a history of winning the maximum amount of money for you from your insurance company. We won’t give up until you have enough money to make all of your repairs due to water damage in Miramar.

Devastating Water Damage from Hurricanes

Florida has had a long history of strong storm activity with hurricanes like Andrew, Wilma,  Irma, Dorian, and Michael, five of the most devastating of many the state has ever experienced. With our unpredictable climate, we stir a dangerous pot filled with warm tropical water and humidity that often results in damaging storms with torrential downpours and damaging gale force windstorms. When we have a calm storm season, South Florida residents have a tendency to forget about the severe water damage that this volatile brew is capable of producing.  And now that it is hurricane season once again, our guard should never be let down. A potential hurricane in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic will be something for the history books. While we are worrying about how we can keep our family safe from the virus, we may be forgetting to prepare for a potential hurricane. Take some time while you are sheltering at home to take stock of your supplies and get your kits ready.

Our public adjuster’s goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your water damage!

The truth is this–you pay your insurance premiums on time year after year and when you actually have a legitimate claim, your insurance company is not responding to your calls or worse yet, denies your claim altogether! At All Claims Solutions, we know how downright frustrating it can be to negotiate with insurance companies. The truth is that they are incredibly overwhelmed during storm season and inundated with claims, so they can easily disregard your claim altogether. That’s not something you want to hear and frankly, it’s just not fair!  We won’t let that happen! We will continue to check on the pending results of your storm or hurricane claim to ensure it is being handled in a timely manner. Hiring a hurricane claim public adjuster to fight your water damage claim in Miramar can save you time, as we work quickly through the system since it is so familiar to us. We strive to have your claim processed as quickly as possible so that you can begin to repair the areas that have been damaged in your home or business.  And if your claim has already been denied—no reason to worry. We can reopen it for you as long as it’s within Florida’s allowable time frame. To find out more about your rights when filing a water damage claim in Miramar, call our experienced team today for your free consultation at (855) 305-CLAIMS for additional information that will literally save you thousands of dollars.