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Here’s What You Need to Know About Filing a Water Damage Claim in Miramar, FL.

Did you know that water damage represents about 30% of all claims filed nationally? But when living in South Florida, you may think water damage refers solely to the damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. However, water damage claims refer to claims made from faulty appliances, pipe bursts, cracked foundations, toilet clogs, or roof leaks. When your Miramar home experiences water damage, you can make an insurance claim to repair the damages. Unfortunately, the insurance company may not be as upfront as you’d like and this delay could keep you from getting the compensation you need.  At All Claims Solutions, we know how to handle the tricky games that insurance companies play and we can help you.


Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage, no matter the size, can be a devastating event for your residence and you’ll want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. The adjusters at All Claims Solutions are here to help you do just that and will work to obtain the highest payment for your water damage claim. As the string of fraudulent claims in Florida skyrockets, the regulations on water damage claims processes have become stricter. These stricter regulations are all the more reason for individuals to have a professional insurance adjuster with them when filing a water damage claim.


Remember, you’re the policyholder, so your insurance is supposed to work for you. If your insurance company isn’t helping, that’s where All Claims Solutions comes in. Allow our team of public insurance adjusters to investigate the scene and perform a thorough analysis to ensure an accurate total amount is calculated on your behalf. No matter the severity of the water damage, All Claims Solutions will work with you to get everything you deserve.


Common Types of Water Damage to Look Our For

There are three types of water that come with water damage: Clean water, grey water, and black water. Clean water is self-explanatory but is still not safe to go into as electrical wires may be in the water but not be visible. Grey water is water that may contain biological contaminants, whereas black water is water that contains bacteria that can cause further damage to the situation. The adjusters at All Claims Solutions will assess the standing water and can refer you to the best mediation team to help you with the clean-up.


What Does Your Policy Cover?

Policies vary based upon the insurance coverage, and each policy is unique to the property owner. Depending upon what coverage your insurance company offers, your policy may not cover what you expect it to. Despite this, All Claims Solutions has the best public insurance adjusters in Miramar who understand policies and have the knowledge to maximize your compensation for your claim. 


To best understand your policy and what it covers, your first call needs to be to All Claims Solutions. You’ll want to consult with a public insurance adjuster from our team to help you understand how your insurance policy can work for you. Additionally, our adjusters can assist in starting your claim, scheduling service calls, and obtaining estimates for water damage remediation.


What Else Can Be Done for My Claim?

Although insurance claims may be daunting and confusing, having a knowledgeable public insurance adjuster can make all the difference with your claim and claims process. At All Claims Solutions, we bring ease to your processes along with maximum payments. If you have suffered water damage in the Miramar area, sign up for one of our no cost, no-obligation consultations. 


All Claims Solutions works for you, the policyholder. We will analyze, evaluate, and negotiate the best settlement for your Insurance Claim. No matter if your water damages are natural or accidental, All Claims Solutions provides professional insurance claim representation to help people like you get the amount they deserve. Call All Claims Solutions at (954) 622-0088 to get started with your claim today.

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Water Claims, Water Damage

Here Are a Few Tips for Dealing with Water Damage in Weston

When water floods your home, it can ruin more than just the exterior. It can take a toll on the floors, walls, baseboard, your furniture, and any carpets you may have. When you’re dealing with water damage, you’re dealing with a whole slew of issues. Of course, you can try to navigate all of this yourself, or you can contact a professional water damage specialist. If you do decide to begin the restoration steps alone, there are a few tips to follow. When you’re suffering from water damage in Weston, you’ll need it the most experienced care you can get, and you might even need a public adjuster to help you with your insurance company. Keep reading to learn more! 


Step One for Dealing with Water Damage: Unplug Electronics and Move Furniture

When you first walk into a flood in your home, there are a few first steps to take. Initially, you want to go around to all of the outlets and ensure that everything is unplugged. Be careful about electrocution, as it’s a very real danger. The faster you move these hazardous elements out of the way, the safer you and your family will be. If you have access to turning off your power, it’s highly recommended that you do so. It’s also recommended that you remove anything you hold dear and valuable. This means removing furniture, carpets, faces, and any other items that may be further ruined. 


Step Two: Remove Water

The water removal process is often where we believe that homeowners and business owners should call a professional restoration service. The reason being is that though it seems simple to remove water, the reality is that water can be one of the most devastating forces in the world. It sinks into everything and can damage more than just a top layer. However, if you don’t have access to a professional service, there are a few things that you can do to begin removing the liquid. Some people begin with buckets if the water is high enough. Other people prefer to use a mop if the water is minimal. If your sewer isn’t backed up, you can pour the excess water into the drains and there should be no problem. If you have a lot of water, you may want to invest in a sump pump, which you can get from local hardware stores. The next step is to dry out the space in totality, which may include equipment that you won’t have laying around at home.


Step Three: Drying Out the Area

As mentioned, you might not have the tools to fully dry out the space. Many people clean the surface of their homes but forget that water can absorb into unseen spaces. It molds itself into crevices and sponges into most materials. If left even a bit damp, homeowners and business owners could find themselves facing a mold and mildew issue. If you thought water damage restoration was expensive, you’re dealing with a whole new endeavor when mold comes into the picture. To avoid this, again, it is recommended that you hire a professional service. However, an alternative solution is to open up the windows and use fans or dehumidifiers.  


Step Four: Disinfecting

After you drive the space, it’s time to disinfect. While water may seem harmless, the reality is that much of our water today contains bacteria. Some bacteria are more harmful than others, but it’s always good to be safe. You’ll want to use a very good disinfectant to get rid of anything that might be leftover. By hiring a professional company, you can skip needing to clean all of your surfaces and leave it to the experts


Contact Us Today!

If you’re looking for a claims specialist to help you file for water damage in Weston, you’re in the right place. We work exclusively for you and work to analyze the best path forward. We know that water damage is expensive, and we know that mold damage is almost always accompanied by flooding. Therefore, it’s very important that your insurance company gives you the finances you need to repair your home with care. Contact a member of our team today at 561-292-2638. We’re here to help you when you need assistance the most.   

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Water Claims, Water Damage

Help with your Water Damage Claim in Miramar is Just a Phone Call Away!

As we head further into hurricane season in South Florida, there are important things for you to know. Hurricane-force winds and flooding can devastate your home and property. But what if it happens to your business? Suppose you own a business in Miramar and are struggling with water damage and remediation issues resulting from a hurricane or other catastrophic storm. In that case, you’ll need to quickly file an insurance claim to help pay for any damages and get your business back on its feet. A water damage claim is among the most commonly filed with insurance companies; however, it is often the most denied. At All Claims Solutions, we know how to handle the tricky games that your insurance company plays to keep from paying you the money you deserve for much-needed repairs. Why pay your premiums faithfully every year, when they won’t pay you money when you need it? Unfortunately, most insurance companies are in the business of low-balling their clients or refusing to pay at all. If this is happening to you, please reach out to the professional team at All Claims Solutions. For this reason and others, it’s best to have someone on your side that knows how insurance companies operate. Rest assured that All Claims Solutions is on your side and ready to provide help.

What are the benefits of hiring a public insurance adjuster in Miramar? 

You want your business to get back on track as soon as possible because if you and your employees are out of work for any length of time, all sorts of problems can arise. Lost revenue and wages are among the first things that come to mind. Water damage is one of the most costly and time-consuming issues to repair because you may not always know where the water is coming from. Power outages or other structural damage can also put a halt to day-to-day operations. Your policy may cover lost wages and revenue. But claiming this coverage is often easier said than done.  

At All Claims Solutions, our licensed adjusters have years of experience in handling business claims. We are committed to providing you support and guidance from the beginning to the end of your claim process. With our team of experienced public adjusters, you can rest assured that we will work diligently toward a fair settlement for your water damage claim in Miramar. Some areas All Claims Solutions can help with include:

  • Documenting of losses and damages
  • Providing reliable and honest repair estimates
  • Conduct claim negotiation with your insurance company
  • Attempt claim settlement with your insurance company
  • Provide mold and mildew damage estimates

Ready to find out more?

If you file a claim and then don’t hear anything for months, the team at All Claims Solutions can help! It’s not unusual for the insurance companies to be hectic during hurricane season. But that doesn’t mean your claim should go unnoticed! Once you hire the team at All Claims Solutions, we will continue to check on the impending results of your storm or hurricane claim to ensure it is handled swiftly. Hiring a public adjuster to fight your water damage claim in Miramar can save you time, as we work quickly through the system since it is so familiar to us. We will make sure your insurance claim gets the attention it deserves! Has your claim recently been denied? We can help with that too. We can reopen your claim for you as long as it’s within Florida’s legal time limit.

To find out more about your rights when filing a water damage claim in Miramar, call our experienced team today for additional information to offer substantial savings. The insurance claims adjusters at All Claims Solutions in Miramar work on a contingency fee basis. This brings full peace of mind to your business or residence because we only get paid when you do. That ensures that our adjusters will work hard to get you a fair monetary settlement. Call us today at (855) 305-CLAIMS.  We will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve for the claim of water damage in Miramar. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

Water Damage Claim | Water Damage Insurance Adjuster
Water Claims, Water Damage

Is Your Water Damage Claim in Miramar Getting Little or No Results?

Let’s face it—South Florida is a mecca for storms especially in the summer months. A major storm can produce all kinds of devastating scenarios for homeowners such as flooding, water rot, mildew, and mold growth. But water damage can also be caused by pipe leaks, bursts, appliance failure, roof damage, and more. With water damage the #1 insurance claim for most residential and business owners, it’s no wonder insurance companies are so slow to respond when there are so many individuals that need help. The truth is, that if you have water damage on your walls and floors, you’ll need to clean it up quickly since mold tends to set in after 48 hours. So, when time is of the essence and you don’t have the money yet from the insurance company to make the necessary repairs—what’s a homeowner to do? Luckily, there are options for those who have been victims of water damage. The process can be made easier with the help of the exceptional team of public adjusters at All Claims Solutions. Our team has a history of winning the maximum amount of money for you from your insurance company. We won’t give up until you have enough money to make all of your repairs due to water damage in Miramar.

Devastating Water Damage from Hurricanes

Florida has had a long history of strong storm activity with hurricanes like Andrew, Wilma,  Irma, Dorian, and Michael, five of the most devastating of many the state has ever experienced. With our unpredictable climate, we stir a dangerous pot filled with warm tropical water and humidity that often results in damaging storms with torrential downpours and damaging gale force windstorms. When we have a calm storm season, South Florida residents have a tendency to forget about the severe water damage that this volatile brew is capable of producing.  And now that it is hurricane season once again, our guard should never be let down. A potential hurricane in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic will be something for the history books. While we are worrying about how we can keep our family safe from the virus, we may be forgetting to prepare for a potential hurricane. Take some time while you are sheltering at home to take stock of your supplies and get your kits ready.

Our public adjuster’s goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your water damage!

The truth is this–you pay your insurance premiums on time year after year and when you actually have a legitimate claim, your insurance company is not responding to your calls or worse yet, denies your claim altogether! At All Claims Solutions, we know how downright frustrating it can be to negotiate with insurance companies. The truth is that they are incredibly overwhelmed during storm season and inundated with claims, so they can easily disregard your claim altogether. That’s not something you want to hear and frankly, it’s just not fair!  We won’t let that happen! We will continue to check on the pending results of your storm or hurricane claim to ensure it is being handled in a timely manner. Hiring a hurricane claim public adjuster to fight your water damage claim in Miramar can save you time, as we work quickly through the system since it is so familiar to us. We strive to have your claim processed as quickly as possible so that you can begin to repair the areas that have been damaged in your home or business.  And if your claim has already been denied—no reason to worry. We can reopen it for you as long as it’s within Florida’s allowable time frame. To find out more about your rights when filing a water damage claim in Miramar, call our experienced team today for your free consultation at (855) 305-CLAIMS for additional information that will literally save you thousands of dollars.

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Water Claims, Water Damage

Telling Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

Let us just say that, as Florida residents, we live in a gorgeous state. The weather is always nice and sunny, there are beaches everywhere, and the weather is perfect year-round. Florida is many people’s dreams and sees millions coming down every year to retire. One thing that people who do not live in Florida may not know is that Florida summers are home to hurricane season and a whole lot of rain. The days are not always like this; however, every summer seems to kick off with constant rain. You may say that’s not too bad and think that the worst thing to come from this is gross humid weather; although, the worst thing to come out of this rain is water damage to the home. Many people tend to think that water damage just occurs when plumbing mistakes happen, and while this is true. Water damage can come from hurricanes and bad storms too. The more important part when entering summer in Florida is knowing all of the signs of water damage, so you can protect your home.


. An Increase in Utility Bills


This sign is one that is more likely to come about if you have a plumbing issue causing your damage; however, it still can take a toll on your finances if gone unseen for a while. If you get your monthly utility bill and wonder why it looks higher than usual, you may want to look around your home and evaluate every plumbing line. In these cases you probably have a pipe leaking somewhere in your home. This is something that will cost you a lot of money in bills and damages until the source of the leak is found. A tactic we recommend using is turning off all of your fixtures and listening to see if you still hear any water running. This is a tactic we see many uses to help them locate the source. If you still have a difficult time tracking it down, we recommend calling a professional to do further digging to make sure you can locate the leak and file your claim.


. Humidity in Your Home


If it’s the middle of summer and you have your AC unit on 70 degrees yet you still feel a form of dampness in the air, you may have water damage. First things first, you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is running like usual and has no damages. Once you have made sure of this you can now decide to look around and see if there is any water damage to be found around the house. You must locate the water damage when you start to feel the air in your home shift from cool to humid. The reason being is that mold loves humid and damp air and spaces, making your home the perfect environment for it to grow. This will not only result in a whole lot of damages but is also horrible for you and your loved one’s health. Once you have found the source of the water damage we recommend doing a walk around to ensure that mold has not yet grown in your home. This way if it has, you can file a claim for that as well.


If your home has displayed any of the above signs in the past few days, weeks, or months, it’s time to do a home search for some water damage. Worst case scenario, you wasted time looking around for something that isn’t even an issue; however, the alternative to not looking and there being water damage is worse. At All Claims Solutions, we always tell someone that water damage is deceiving, it’s always worse than it looks. Making it so important to nip it in the bud as soon as you start to become suspicious it exists. This is also very important as mold is a common partner in crime with water, a direct threat to your home, and your health. If you have discovered water and/or mold damage in your home, it’s time to reach out to an insurance company you can trust. Give our team a call today at (855) 305-CLAIMS.

Water Claims Davie
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We Can Help You With Your Water Damage Claim in Davie!

If you live in South Florida then you know we’re surrounded by water and the risks of water damaging your home are high – even without hurricane season. As beautiful as the weather here is, it doesn’t leave us with quite a bit of humidity. This humidity can have an impact on our homes and offices in ways we can’t even see until it’s too late. 

Many people think that most of the water damage claims in South Florida come from hurricanes and damages caused by floods and other unfortunate weather occurrences. The fact of the matter is, water damage claims include plumbing issues, due to the piping and material used to help water travel underneath our homes.  Because of that, homeowners are often hit with a plethora of unexpected consequences they have to deal with and fix.  Plumbing issues can become problematic way before they make their way to the surface. This leaves homeowners and business owners in Davie with the constant threat of mold damage and puts them at risk for in-home flooding. 

None of us expects to be victims of water damage but we do expect our insurance companies to give us the help we need. However, that is not always the case and it’s something you have to be prepared for. Insurance companies are oftentimes dealing with other policyholders so they may not give you the attention you need or understand your sense of urgency when it comes to water damage in your home. Because of that, you need a team of dedicated insurance adjusters to help you get the coverage you need. You don’t have time to waste and we know that. 

Let the team here at All Claims Solutions help you and your family recover and rest easy knowing your insurance claim is being handled by people who care about you!

Water Claims Davie
Flood Claims, Water Claims, Water Damage

Flood Insurance Claims of South Florida

Summertime in Florida brings scorching heat and intense thunderstorms every year. From Miami to Pensacola, flooded streets, parking lots and front yards are a typical summer scene. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that flooded homes only happen to the folks that live in or near a hazardous flood zone. Wrong!

Nationally, almost 30% of flood claims paid are in non-hazardous flood areas. Not always resulting from overflowing rivers or lakes but from our infrastructure’s inability to handle the volume of water coming from the sky and collecting on the ground. In many older and more established neighborhoods, the infrastructure has not been updated to accommodate the increase in dwellings or businesses being serviced. Storm drainage becomes insufficient to handle the volume of water coming down and the result is wide spread flooding.

Even just a few inches of water in your home can cause significant damage. Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy is not going to respond to this event since flood damage is specifically excluded in your policy. This risk can only be transferred to a flood insurance policy which is usually offered by every agent that sells homeowner’s insurance. The good news is that this valuable coverage is relatively cheap when you are not living in a Special Flood Hazard Area. These areas are more susceptible to flooding (historically speaking), and thus command more premium for the policy.

The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is designated as such due to the area’s elevation or proximity to rivers, lakes and other waterways. Also taken into consideration is the area’s proximity to tidal waters. FEMA does not take into consideration however, the ability of the infrastructure (storm drains) to handle water volume or the historical storm activity in a given area.

Knowing this, every homeowner or renter in Florida should consider purchasing a flood policy even if they are not living in an area that is considered hazardous to FEMA. The flood insurance in non-hazardous areas is very inexpensive and well worth the money spent when you consider the cost of replacing carpet, hardwood floors, drywall, molding, drapes and most of your furniture. For flood insurance claim representation contact All Claims Solutions, go to Flood Insurance Claims or call (305) 716-8754

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