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Kitchen Fire Insurance Claim

You may be anxious to clean your house after the kitchen fire, but unless you should take time out to get a professional advice, You may be creating further damage or wasting your efforts therefore, it is important that you contact your Public Adjuster to claim the fire damage.

The insurance company and their claim adjusters are usually dealing with these kinds of fire damage claims effectively. However, for a common man it is not possible to make out which actions to take. In the majority of the cases, home insurance does cover smoke damage. Smoke developed from the fire can damage the entire home and usually requires the assistance of professional smoke removal companies in order to remove the smell and stains. Moreover, the fire might have caused you some hidden damage.

With smoke homeowners also will need help for the soot removal and stains within the building. Walls can be stained black, flooring and carpeting too is ruined in the ugly shade of black. If the kitchen fire has also affected your other rooms than the damage is more which means a lot of mess to clean up and following up with the insurance company. Contact your public adjuster to report the claim as soon as possible and notify the type of loss you have suffered.

Compile Your Evidence

In order to prepare yourself against possible smoke damage start compelling details of your house well in advance. Make an inventory of all your appliances, clothing, furniture and any other home valuables and call the insurance company so that investigation begins.

Make sure to take pictures of the damage loss of the property, if you can shoot a short video with it. It will be working as a solid proof in case you need to give proof to your insurance company. Furthermore, you are also entitled to file an insurance claim if you live in the apartment building and the neighbor’s smoke damage has affected your property. Though a smoke damage insurance policy can be a bit expensive, but it is worth in case of stressful incidents.

If you have suffer property damaged by fire or smoke, do not delay, contact All Claims Solutions, the public adjusting firm that will work on your behalf assuring your interests are protected; go to or call the toll free number 1 (855) 305 CLAIMS(2524). All Claims Solutions, the right way to represent your interests!

For most people their home is by far their biggest asset. When this asset gets damaged by a peril such as a fire, water or storm, they depend on their insurance company to make them whole again. They assume that the insurance adjuster (who is employed by the company) is going to take the necessary steps to make certain that they can restore their home to the way it was before the damage occurred. Maybe, maybe not! The insurance adjuster is employed by the insurance company whose sole reason for being in business is to make profits for its stakeholders. The adjuster should, according to the insurance contract, do everything possible to indemnify the policyholder. The company adjuster does not however, have a fiduciary responsibility to the policyholder. Knowing this, the insured should always look to a public adjuster for guidance with any kind of insurance claim. If company adjusters always looked out for the best interests of the policyholder, there would not be so many public adjusters thriving in the market place.

Public adjusters are highly trained and licensed individuals or firms that know a great deal about construction, rebuilding, insurance contracts and how insurance companies operate when it comes to resolving a claim. They are hired by the property owner to act as an advocate for the property owner. They use the same software (or in many cases better software) that the company adjusters use in order to determine the cost of repairs to the home or building that has been damaged. They walk the policyholder through the claims process and offer a level of comfort that the insured will not have on their own.

Public adjusters work on a contingency basis similar to a personal injury attorney. You agree to split the amount they win on your behalf on a percentage basis. If you do not get paid, neither will the public adjuster.

When contemplating hiring an adjuster there are steps you can take to make sure that you will be represented by a reputable and responsible firm. They are usually licensed by the department of insurance of the state in which you reside. Most insurance departments have an online portal that you can access to verify that the license is active and in good standing. There are other web sites that you can visit that will have reviews posted about the adjuster you are considering.

Insurance claims take time, they are confusing and the insurance company’s adjuster does not work for you. Why take the chance. After reviewing your claim, the private adjuster can easily determine whether their services will benefit you or not. Why would they take on your case if they cannot earn a percentage of the recovery?

For quality insured representation contact All Claims Solutions, the Florida Public Adjusting Firm that will work for You assuring your interests are protected, visit our website or call our toll-free number 1 855 305 CLAIMS (2524).

All Claims Solutions, the right way to represent your interests!

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