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Property Damage

Property Damage Claim | Property Damage Public Adjusters
Property Damage

Filing a Property Damage Claim in Weston is Easy With Our Public Adjusters

The day-to-day stresses of life are hard enough to cope with sometimes.  But when you have water damage from a major storm to contend with, your stress level is most likely through the roof.  If you are struggling with water damage as a result of a tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado, there is no time to waste in filing your insurance claim for property damage in Weston. You’ll want to file an insurance claim quickly to help pay for any damages. A property damage claim is one of the most commonly filed with insurance companies; however, it is also the most denied. At All Claims Solutions, we know how to handle the games insurance games play to keep you from your money. Is this scenario a familiar one? You pay your premiums faithfully every year, so your insurance company will pay when you have a legitimate claim—right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, most insurance companies are in the business of finding ways to not pay their policyholders or refusing to pay at all. If this is happening to you, it’s best to have someone on your side that knows how insurance companies operate. It’s good to know that the public adjusters at All Claims Solutions have your back and know exactly how to help with your property damage claim in Weston. 

I paid for my claim on time. Why was it denied?

After you’ve suffered major water damage to your home from a storm it can be a stressful experience—and that’s an understatement. It can also be even more stressful when you find out your insurance company has denied your claim. This happens more often than you would think. You pay your premiums on time and in full each month, so why would your claim be denied? There can be a variety of different reasons why your claim has been denied. It may be as simple as your forgetting to sign your claim form. But your insurance company won’t tell you that.  If your property damage claim in Weston has been denied,  it’s time to call a public adjuster you can trust to help. At All Claims Solutions, we can help you reopen your claim and get the compensation you deserve. If the insurance company denies your claim don’t take it at face value. Call the exceptional team at All Claims Solutions. We are ready to help reopen your claim and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.  Our insurance adjusters are at the top of their game and they know how to fight for your rights. When it comes to getting compensated for your insurance claim, don’t trust your insurance company to give you a fair deal. After many successful years in this business, we can tell you that they don’t play fair with their policyholders. That’s where we come in. We can handle the stressful aspects of the insurance claim filing process for you. You can expect our adjuster to do the following for you and more:

  • Prepare a strong case for you 
  • File the necessary paperwork  with your insurance company
  • Obtain mold remediation estimates
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to for the maximum settlement
  • Represent you  in court if necessary
  • Assess and inspect all damages thoroughly
  • Documenting the damage accurately in a report 
  • Take clear photographs of all angles of the damage


Call a public adjuster in Weston first!

At All Claims Solutions, our licensed adjusters have years of experience in handling property damage claims in Weston and we are committed to providing you support and guidance from the beginning to the end of the claims process. You can rest assured that our skilled team will work diligently toward a fair settlement for you with your insurance company. Your precious items are irreplaceable, why not get the maximum amount of compensation for your loss? Our team of claims adjusters works hard to negotiate your property damage claim in Weston. We also work on a contingency fee basis–this ensures that our adjusters will work hard to earn your money and get you the maximum monetary settlement. Call us today at (855) 305-CLAIMs to talk to one of our courteous adjusters for a free consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

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What Types of Damage Claims Can All Claims Help With?

If you have ever been the victim of the elements causing damage to your home then you may be wondering if a claims adjuster can serve you any benefit. The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a little bit more complicated than that. Here at All Claims Solutions, we are going to break down all of the kinds of damages that our team can assist you with. This way if something comes up unexpectedly, such as a water leak, you know exactly who to call and what kinds of services they can do for you. Our team understands that damages to your property are not necessarily going to be in your control, which is why we work tirelessly to make sure the insurance company knows that and reacts accordingly. Sometimes filing a damage claim does not have happy endings, but with us on your team, we can guarantee that you will find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Water Damage

Water damage is by far one of the more common kinds of damages we see people in Florida fall victim to. Part of the reason is due to the severe thunderstorms we tend to get during the summertime. Contrary to popular belief, summer is not Florida’s sunniest season. Nonetheless, during the thunderstorms and even worse, hurricanes, everyone down here is at risk of water damage. You may be thinking that water damage is no big deal; however, water damage is one of the worst kinds of damage to occur. We say this because too often is water damage gone unnoticed. You would think the dripping would be obvious but unfortunately, water damage does not become known to many until the damage to the property has already been done. The worst part about this trait of water damage is that mold damage does not follow far behind water damage.


Mold Damage

Since we covered water damage its only right to cover its partner in crime, mold damage. Mold damage usually occurs when water damage has gone on for far too long. This may sound like it’s no one’s fault but those who let the water damage continue; however, we really can’t blame the water damage victims as water damage is very sneaky. Mold damage, on the other hand, will be quite noticeable when it occurs. Not only is mold an eyesore, but it is also harmful to your health. The last thing you want to be doing is breathing in mold. This is especially true for those who have lung conditions that already put their breathing at risk. People with conditions such as asthma should be extra careful when investigating damage after a storm. Catching the water damage sooner rather than later can prevent mold for growing.


Fire Damage

Although not too common anymore, fire damage is another one of the kinds of damages we can offer assistance with. Fire damage does not happen too often; however, when it does happen it can be incredibly destructive. Fire can quite literally damage everything to point where there is more damage than salvable parts of the property left. If this happens to you don’t waste any time, call a claims adjuster immediately. We can sort through all the damage for you and make sure everything is accounted for. Fire damage is by far one of the ones most complicated to deal with. This is in part due to just how much it can take away, making it hard to decipher what was what.


When it comes to damage on your property, don’t take the risk of filling out the claim y yourself. Give our team a call and have us do the heavy lifting for you. We know how to negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure your damage is compensated for and dealt with promptly. Insurance companies are too often known for not covering enough and not acting quick enough, don’t let yourself become a victim to these actions. With a claim’s adjuster from All Claims Solutions, you can have peace of mind that your damage will be dealt with. To learn more about how a claims adjuster can help and what services we offer, give us a call today at (855) 305-CLAIMS.

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Should You Let an Insurance Adjuster Help With Your Hurricane Damage Claims in Davie. Fl?

Being a South Florida resident comes with tons of fun in the sun, amazing beaches, beautiful events, and much much more. However, hurricane season puts a damper on all of those wonderful things and often times leaves many of us with damages we’ll have to repair. Living in Davie, we all know what it’s like to prepare for the many disastrous hurricanes that hurricane season here can bring. With that in mind, we all know that no amount of preparation can truly protect you and your loved ones from the damage that can come during hurricane season. 


This alone makes it really important for you to make sure your family is covered. This goes beyond making sure you all have insurance. It also means making sure you have an expert look over your hurricane damage claim to make sure everything is correct. Not only that, but having a professional insurance claims adjuster on your team saves you time, money, and the additional stress that would come from navigating this process alone. 


The team here at All Claims Solutions has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and we know what it takes to make sure your claim is taken seriously is handled as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that you don’t have time to waste and we want to make sure you and your family can recover as quickly as possible. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the evidence you need and the information you need to ensure your claim is handled quickly and properly. 


Whether you’re in need of a claims adjuster for yourself, someone you know, or if you’re just planning ahead, All Claims Solutions can help you! Our claims adjusters are here and ready to help you. Give us a call at 855-305-CLAIMS.

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Get the Maximum Compensation You Deserve for Your Property Damage Claim

If your home has suffered major water damage from a hurricane, tornado or other major storms, it can be an overwhelmingly stressful time. Just the cleanup can be a nightmare. Then there is the insurance money for repairs to think about. You may think, “How will I ever get enough money to cover all of the damages?” Well, it all starts by hiring a licensed public adjuster in Florida. The team at All Claims Solutions will work hard on your behalf to help process your insurance claim as swiftly as possible. Don’t go up against your insurance company alone; let our expert public adjusters take care of the claims process for you! We guarantee we can negotiate your claim to get you the maximum settlement you deserve.

Can a public adjuster in Florida really help me?

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim with your insurance company you know it can sometimes feel like you are going in blind. When it comes to home insurance claims, things can get complicated very quickly. That’s why it’s best to call a public adjuster in Florida like All Claims Solutions as soon as possible. Our experienced team will be there every step of the way and we won’t stop fighting for you. Not until we get you the maximum settlement you deserve to make your much-needed repairs. Although water damage is one of the most commonly filed claims that we deal with, we also work with claims for flooding, theft, and vandalism; broken pipes; fire and smoke damage; and other storm damage.

If your insurance company isn’t responding, has offered you less than half of what you need to repair the damages, or worse yet, totally denied your claim, it’s time to call on the expert public adjusters at All Claims Solutions. We will photograph your claim, document the extent of the damage, process your claim and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. We will even represent you in court if it comes to that. The sooner we start building your case, the better.

We guarantee we will get you the money for your repairs!

If you’ve already filed your claim and your insurance company has returned an offer that is less than satisfactory—don’t despair—we guarantee we will get you more than enough money to fix all of your damages. The insurance claims process can be frustrating, and sometimes it can result in getting underpaid for your claim. But when you hire All Claims Solutions to fight for your rights, we promise we will get you a more than fair claim settlement. We know how the insurance claims process works and we know the tricks insurance companies use to pay you less than you deserve. They may try to deny or underpay your claim, but we can provide all the necessary paperwork and estimates you’ve obtained to get you the most for your claim. Our trusted team of public adjusters in Florida will help you maximize your claim! When you need an expert public adjuster, do yourself a favor and call (855) 305-CLAIMS today.

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Kitchen Fire Insurance Claim

You may be anxious to clean your house after the kitchen fire, but unless you should take time out to get a professional advice, You may be creating further damage or wasting your efforts therefore, it is important that you contact your Public Adjuster to claim the fire damage.

The insurance company and their claim adjusters are usually dealing with these kinds of fire damage claims effectively. However, for a common man it is not possible to make out which actions to take. In the majority of the cases, home insurance does cover smoke damage. Smoke developed from the fire can damage the entire home and usually requires the assistance of professional smoke removal companies in order to remove the smell and stains. Moreover, the fire might have caused you some hidden damage.

With smoke homeowners also will need help for the soot removal and stains within the building. Walls can be stained black, flooring and carpeting too is ruined in the ugly shade of black. If the kitchen fire has also affected your other rooms than the damage is more which means a lot of mess to clean up and following up with the insurance company. Contact your public adjuster to report the claim as soon as possible and notify the type of loss you have suffered.

Compile Your Evidence

In order to prepare yourself against possible smoke damage start compelling details of your house well in advance. Make an inventory of all your appliances, clothing, furniture and any other home valuables and call the insurance company so that investigation begins.

Make sure to take pictures of the damage loss of the property, if you can shoot a short video with it. It will be working as a solid proof in case you need to give proof to your insurance company. Furthermore, you are also entitled to file an insurance claim if you live in the apartment building and the neighbor’s smoke damage has affected your property. Though a smoke damage insurance policy can be a bit expensive, but it is worth in case of stressful incidents.

If you have suffer property damaged by fire or smoke, do not delay, contact All Claims Solutions, the public adjusting firm that will work on your behalf assuring your interests are protected; go to or call the toll free number 1 (855) 305 CLAIMS(2524). All Claims Solutions, the right way to represent your interests!

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