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Hurrcane Damage Claims

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Hurricane Season Is Here, Get Ready With Helpful Information on How You Can File A Hurricane Claim.

Living in South Florida has many perks, from the beaches to the beautiful weather. It is true when people say living in Florida is like constantly being on vacation. However, nothing in life is perfect and that’s included when we talk about living in Florida. Something we have here that the majority of the other states do not have to deal with are hurricanes. Hurricanes can form at any time for 5 months out of the year with early fall being the peak season. These storms are quite the gamble too. One year we may not have any but the next we can get slammed with two category 5 hurricanes back to back. It’s a toss-up. And while this may make life in Florida less than perfect, it’s not a reason to choose not to live here. The best thing you can do is to make sure you have a post-storm game plan. This game plan should consider your insurance situation and how you plan to file a claim once the storm is gone and the damage has settled in.


Take Account of the Damage

First things first, after a storm you should take a minute to do a walk around of your property. This walk-around should be one where you are highly observative because sometimes hurricane damage cannot be seen in plain sight. Make sure when you see something damaged or out of place that you take note of it. This way you can refer to the damage when you move on to the actual step of filing your claim. No matter how small the damage is it’s important you note it down. We say this because sometimes the smallest damage can result in some pretty serious damage further down the line. A perfect example of this is water leaking that damages your home and thus causes mold to grow. This is a double whammy situation that no one wants to be unaccounted for. Worst case scenario you write something minuscule down and it doesn’t end up being anything serious. This worst-case scenario is still a good news situation.


Call Your Claims Adjuster

Now that you have taken down all of the damage done to your home you can call your claims adjuster. Your All Claims Solutions claims adjuster will work with you on determining what damage should and should not go on the claim and how to properly report it on the claim. This may sound technical because it is. The nitty-gritty details of a claim can make all the difference when it comes to the insurance company helping you out. This is why having a claims adjuster can truly make all the difference. Without one, you may have reported the damages in a way that does not result in any assistance. Your claims adjuster will also take the case moving forward so you do not have to worry about anything. All of the stress of the hurricane can be passed along to us. We will talk to the insurance company and work out your claim with them so you don’t have to.


When you go with us for your post-hurricane damage needs, we make sure you feel like your claim is in good hands. We want nothing more than to see you properly compensated for the damages done by the hurricane. After all, the damages done were something you could not have prevented. We know how stressful it can be to go through something as scary as a hurricane then wake up the next morning and see that the hurricane is gone but left quite a disaster behind. This is a situation Floridians everywhere know all too well. And while it’s just a part of living here, it doesn’t need to put a damper on anything. At least not when you have your claims adjuster take over your claim for you. For an easier time this hurricane season, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Allow the team at All Claims Solutions to help you. To learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you file your claim, give us a call at (954) 622-0088. We are looking forward to assisting you!

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in South Florida

Hurricane season is one of those times of year that the majority of states in the U.S. do not need to worry about it. But, it’s one of Florida’s greatest risks. While most hurricanes tend to be of a low category, if they are not simple tropical storms, they can still do some damage to your home, car, and cause a whole lot of stress. These storms come in all kinds of sizes with the scale going from a tropical storm, category 1 up until category 5. There was even an instance in 2019 was Hurricane Dorian was looming over the Bahamas and was rumored to of broken the scale and hit never heard of before category 6. Florida lucked out last year with that storm but luck is not always going to be in our favor. As we saw with the Bahamas, these storms can ruin cities and cost people their lives. They are simply no joke. When it comes down to it, this kind of storm is a natural disaster. This means that there is nothing we can do to control it; all we can do is prepare as if our lives depend on it. The seasoned and generational Floridians know a thing or two about preparation; however, with so many people moving into the state each year a refresher is always helpful.


Stock Up on Supplies

The thing about hurricanes is that they tend to last less than a week as far as the storm goes. In rare cases such as Hurricane Dorian in 2019, the storm will move slowly and seem as if it is purposely sitting above the area it’s located in. This is what can make them quite destructive as the rain and wind do not stop until the storm moves over you. The best way you can prepare is by having every item on this checklist:

. Batteries

. Flashlights

. Canned good/non-perishable food

. Water bottles

. A generator

. Pet food

. First aid kit

. Tool kit

. Baby supplies


These items may not be necessary and used during the storm, but the reason we suggest them is for the storm aftermath. Most Floridians find themselves playing board games and relaxing inside during these storms; however, this is not the case when the power goes out. Once you have no more power then you are going to need to make use of these supplies. This is especially true if the storm is larger and causes power poles to be knocked down, which means power out for an extended amount of time. You may think you can just go to a store and stock up on items, but you have to keep in mind you may not be able to drive if the roads are covered in debris and if the stores are also out of power.


Protect Your Home

Before a hurricane comes you will begin to see your neighbors putting up hurricane shutters and wood slabs to protect the vulnerable parts of the home, the windows, and doors. This is the heavy manual labor part but is arguably one of the most important. Putting up these forms of protection can make all the difference in how much damage you have to file a claim after the hurricane hits. If you see someone without shutters up, they may have hurricane windows.


Review Your Insurance Policy

Once you are stocked up on all of your hurricane supplies and have protected your home, you then should review your insurance policy. You are going to want to make sure that you are happy with the way your insurance will protect you in case of bad damage done to your home and/or cars. Not all homeowners insurance covers flood damage so you may want to make sure you add that on or work out a way to address that damage if it comes. Knowing your coverage and having your insurance company on speed dial is a great way to feel more comfortable during the storm. Not having to worry too much about your property will release a lot of pent up stress.


Hurricane season is no joke and can be quite dangerous. Here at All Claims Solutions, we acknowledge that the damage done may be quite extensive and may make a stressful situation even worse. This is why we want to be there for you. Before the storm hits make sure to give us a call to talk about how to file your claim once the hurricane is gone and you can evaluate damages. During the storm, try and keep in mind that we are here for you and will happily help you out once everything is said and done with. To learn more about hurricane damage and flood insurance, give us a call today at (855) 305-CLAIMS.

Hurricane Damage | Hurricane Insurance Claims
Hurrcane Damage Claims

All Claims Solutions and Your Hurricane Damage Claim

Living in sunny South Florida most certainly has its perks. We are surrounded by gorgeous beaches and have beautiful sunny weather year-round. What isn’t there to love? However, with the good comes the bad. Florida is home to aggressive hurricanes, something other states do not all have to go through. And while some of these hurricanes are no big deal, some are destructive and can seriously cause damage. The perfect example of a horrible hurricane in Florida’s history is a hurricane, Andrew. This hurricane quite literally left some people without proper shelter to live in. With hurricane season around the corner, it’s important to remember that All Claims Solutions is here to help. We have all of the resources you need to file a claim just in case we do happen to get hit hard this year.


We Prioritize You

Every big purchase we make in life comes with a price tag. If we decide to purchase a house or a car then we need to also make sure we purchase insurance to go with it. These are just non-negotiable parts of life. However, buying insurance is a good thing. You may think that the horrible damages we sometimes seem may never happen to you, but the truth is everyone has that mindset before it does happen to them. Here at All Claims Solutions, we help you protect your home once it’s been hit by a hurricane. Usually, we expect our insurance companies to stay on top of these kinds of damages. We expect for these big companies to help us and deliver what we need quickly, but we cannot always depend on the big-name insurance companies to rush to our aid for damage, no matter how big or small. This is one of the reasons we do what we do. We know that the big insurance companies have a hard time prioritizing everyone, which is not fair to you. After being put in a compromising situation we think everyone should feel like their case matters.


Big Insurance Companies Do Not Cover Everything

One of the most common issues we hear about insurance companies is that the bigger they are the less they tend to cover and the slower they do cover what they can. This is sometimes because they have so many cases that they cannot cover all of the damage done to your property. This ends up being a case where homeowners have to pay out of pocket for the many hurricane damages, something that is quite stressful after experiencing an aggressive storm for days on end. The worst part is that hurricane damage can be costly too. While some people only see a brick or two flies off their roof, others see glass broken and trees falling on to places that they should not. It’s safe to say that some hurricane disasters can look like something out of a horror movie. That’s where the hurricane damage claim experts here at All Claims come in to help! We help homeowners through the process so they can see their damages addressed. The insurance process can be a lengthy one, which is why we want to help you file the claim, rebuild the damages, and see you get your payout. 


When you go with us for your post-hurricane damage needs, we make sure you feel like you are being listened to and heard. We know how frustrating it can be to go through something as scary as a hurricane then wake up the next morning and see that the hurricane is gone but left quite a disaster behind it. This is not only aggravating but can add a whole lot more stress to an already stressful situation. When this happens to you, know that the big insurance companies are not always going to be able to work as quickly or as helpfully as the other. This is where we can come in and do what they can’t do, help you through the entire process. To learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you, give us a call at (855) 305-CLAIMS. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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Should You Let an Insurance Adjuster Help With Your Hurricane Damage Claims in Davie. Fl?

Being a South Florida resident comes with tons of fun in the sun, amazing beaches, beautiful events, and much much more. However, hurricane season puts a damper on all of those wonderful things and often times leaves many of us with damages we’ll have to repair. Living in Davie, we all know what it’s like to prepare for the many disastrous hurricanes that hurricane season here can bring. With that in mind, we all know that no amount of preparation can truly protect you and your loved ones from the damage that can come during hurricane season. 


This alone makes it really important for you to make sure your family is covered. This goes beyond making sure you all have insurance. It also means making sure you have an expert look over your hurricane damage claim to make sure everything is correct. Not only that, but having a professional insurance claims adjuster on your team saves you time, money, and the additional stress that would come from navigating this process alone. 


The team here at All Claims Solutions has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and we know what it takes to make sure your claim is taken seriously is handled as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that you don’t have time to waste and we want to make sure you and your family can recover as quickly as possible. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the evidence you need and the information you need to ensure your claim is handled quickly and properly. 


Whether you’re in need of a claims adjuster for yourself, someone you know, or if you’re just planning ahead, All Claims Solutions can help you! Our claims adjusters are here and ready to help you. Give us a call at 855-305-CLAIMS.

Hurricane Damage Davie
Hurrcane Damage Claims, Storm Claims

All Claims Solutions Can Help You With Your Hurricane Damage Claim!

We can all agree that South Florida is home to beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, and a plethora of other beautiful sights. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that we can also agree that South Florida can become quite ugly during Hurricane Season. Whether you’re near the beaches, our many canals, and other waterways, or if you’re high up in a condo or apartment, South Florida hurricanes can do major damage. 


As we all age and become more financially stable we find better and more effective ways to care for ourselves and the things we value. If we have a car we protect it with insurance, along with many other big purchases in our life. Here at All Claims Solutions, we help you protect your home once it’s been hit by a hurricane. Often times, we expect our insurance companies to stay on top of these things. We expect for big insurance companies to have our best interest int heir hearts and offer as much help as possible. The sad truth is, this is not always the case. 


Unfortunately, insurance claims don’t always cover all the costs of hurricane damage and many homeowners don’t find out until it’s too late. And by too late – we mean the damage is already done and you need solutions. Often times insurance companies simply don’t have the bandwidth to treat each person with care and give them the attention they deserve. 


That’s where the expert hurricane damage claim experts here at All Claims come in! We help homeowners just like you recover from hurricane damage as quickly and effectively as possible. We know how challenging it can be trying to find the answers, recover financially, and rebuild all while trying to stay on top of your insurance claim to make sure it’s handled properly. 


Leave that to us. We have years of experience and we know what it takes to get your claim handled.  We gather all the evidence you need and we speak to as many witnesses as possible to make sure the insurance company has what they need to get you and your family back to a normal life. If you or anyone you know is dealing with hurricane damage in Davie, Fl, give us a call. Our experts are here and ready to help!

Hurricane Damage Claims Davie
Hurrcane Damage Claims, Public Adjuster

Your Hurricane Claim Made Easy

If you’re like most South Floridians, every June through November you begin the tedious process of getting ready for hurricane season. You begin by putting up shutters on your home and preparing your hurricane safety kits. It’s always important to be prepared, but what if your home is actually damaged by a hurricane? Would you know what to do in the event you have to file a claim? One thing is for sure, in order to get the money you’ll need for repairs, you’ll want to file your hurricane damage claim in Davie as soon as possible.

How do I file my hurricane claim?

Maintaining your home with little repairs here and there so that they don’t elevate into more serious issues year after year is tough enough, but when you have water damage from a hurricane to contend with, your stress level is most likely through the roof. If you are struggling with water damage as a result of a hurricane or other catastrophic storm, there is no time to waste. You’ll want to file an insurance claim quickly to help pay for any damages. A water damage claim is among the most commonly filed with insurance companies; however, it is also the most denied. At All Claims Solutions, we know how to handle the games insurance games play to keep you from your money. You pay your premiums faithfully every year, so it stands to reason that they will pay when you have a legitimate claim—right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, most insurance companies are in the business of low-balling their clients or refusing to pay at all. If this is happening to you, it’s best to have someone on your side that knows how insurance companies operate. Rest assured, the licensed public adjusters at All Claims Solutions have your back and know how to help with your hurricane damage claim in Davie.

Get your life back on track

When water damage affects your home, the loss of your furnishings and personal belongings can be devastating. And at All Claims Solutions, we know that you and your family want to get back to your daily routines as soon as possible. Water damage is one of the most costly and time-consuming issues to clean up and repair because you may not always know where the water damage is coming from. You may also be contending with mold if you don’t get the water damage cleaned up within 48 hours when mold and mildew is more likely to set in.

The licensed public adjusters at All Claims Solutions have years of experience in handling residential and commercial hurricane damage claims in Davie and we are committed to providing you with the support and guidance from the beginning to the end of the claims process. You can rest assured that our skilled team will work diligently toward a fair settlement for you with your insurance company. Some of the things a licensed public adjuster help with are:

  • Claim negotiation
  • Claim settlement
  • Itemization of losses
  • Documentation of damages
  • Repair & restoration estimates
  • Mold remediation estimates

At All Claims Solutions, our insurance claims adjusters work hard to negotiate your hurricane damage claim in Davie. We also work on a contingency fee basis–this ensures that our adjusters will work hard to earn your money and get you the maximum monetary settlement. We don’t get paid unless you do! So, call us today at (855) 305-CLAIMD. We are available 24/7 to take your call and we offer service throughout the state of Florida.

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